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happy halloween!

This past weekend Dan and I went to a Halloween party at his sister’s house. It was so much fun! We dressed up, ate a lot of food, shared stories, played Catchphrase and The Game of Things, and laughed until we cried. Overall, it was a fantastic evening. Thanks Cate!


I LOVED our costume! We bought Madison’s bee costume at Petsmart. We bought paint coveralls and gardening gloves at Home Depot, bee scrapbooking stickers and black tulle at JoAnn Fabrics, and on sale camping hats at Meijer. Many scissor cuts staples, and safety pins later, we were beekeepers!

photo 3 Madison loved her costume. I know a lot of dogs don’t enjoy dressing up, but Madison does! Lucky thing since she looks so darn cute! ; )


Honey – I mean, Happy Halloween!

Love, the Dailys


weekly gems

photo (1)

Hi, Madison : )


weekly gems


weekly gems




things that making me happy

Source: via Kelly on Pinterest


  • Obviously the above illustration! : )
  • Attending and loving my first pilates-yoga fusion group fitness class
  • Fun new nail polish from OPI’s Minnie Mouse collection
  • Walking the dogs at dusk
  • Discovering a new yummy protein shake recipe: vanilla whey protein powder, low-fat chocolate milk, strawberries, and cherries
  • New candles in beachy scents
  • Attending a Greek festival with one of my closest friends and her family just like old times
  • Blueberry pancakes for breakfast
  • A perfect day spent with Dan celebrating the one-year-away-from-our-wedding milestone mark : )
  • Driving around drinking Sonic slushes and listening to baseball games
  • A good night’s sleep


bookmark it, LOL edition: suri’s burn book


I came across this Tumblr, Suri’s Burn Book, earlier this week. Basically, it’s a satirical blog written from the perspective of Suri Cruise in which she provides commentary on celebrities’ (particularly celebrity’s children) fashion and ability to handle fame. I spent a whole evening reading through it and I could not stop laughing. I’m sure some people would say it’s not right to make fun of children’s clothes or imitiate Suri Cruise in such a manner, to which I would say to those people it’s clearly all in good fun and when you come to my house you can just ignore the book on the coffee table.

You really should take a look at the Tumblr, since photos are always included and add to the commentary, oftentimes being the sole focus and not just accompaniment. Here are some stand-alone quotes that cracked me up:

  • “Either get your things monogrammed or just expect that people know who you are.”
  • “Amy Poehler’s ginger baby is not amused. He is, however, still extremely ginger.”
  • “It’s not cute, it’s not clever, and it’s not symmetrical, which are three of my highest priorities for haircuts and for life in general.”
  • “I feel like her eyes are silently asking for help. Perhaps she’s just realized that her name is Maxwell, and Jessica Simpson is responsible for her.”
  • “Even I know better than to pretentiously tweet about my bad days, even though I assure you I have them. Just yesterday, my chef tried to serve me pancakes instead of waffles, and it threw me off for the rest of the morning.”
  • “Blue Ivy Carter showed up in Paris yesterday without shoes on. Going barefoot in Paris is like showing up to the Oscars in a denim miniskirt. A frayed one.”
  • “All I would want to discuss with the President is equal pay for equal work, and the ridiculously high tariffs on French cheeses.”


does anyone else…



…enjoy driving with sunglasses on, the windows down, and music blaring?

…adore black tea lemonades?

…think August 18th is way too long to wait for The Hunger Games on DVD?

…love the start of summer grill-out season?

…read historical nonfiction (like this)?

…not understand the need for so many singing competition shows on TV?

…enjoy cheesy puns (like the ones in the photo above)?

…think napping is wonderful?


P.S. Thinking of all those the U.S.A. lost in the line of duty, their legacy, and their families, as well as all living past, present, and future servicemen and women. Thank you.

10 superpowers i wish i had

Source: via Kelly on Pinterest


  • Always feel completely well-rested upon waking up
  • Teleportation (or apparition, for all my fellow Harry Potter fans)
  • Learn through osmosis
  • Perfect hair days every day
  • Make banana peels appear and trip up mean people (or cause some other minor but entertaining mishap to occur)
  • Feel my own forehead with my own hand and accurately know my temperature
  • Make lines disappear when I approach a cash register (Or ice cream order window. Or roller coaster. You get the idea.)
  • Know what style of jeans and shoes will fit well and comfortably without having to try them on
  • Converse with animals
  • Think, “I want ______________ (movie/TV) to be on Netflix Instant” AND THEN IT IS
  • Snap my fingers and all the dishes are put away and clean
  • Predict, with 100% accuracy, if any precipitation will fall on any given day
  • Be able to create and then give great people “Good for one AWESOME day” coupons that actually work when redeemed
  • Oh, and maybe a traditional superpower. Like superhuman strength! Or maybe be a bender of some sort. Hmmm…this might be an entirely different question ; )

What superpowers do you wish you had?

my life: things I learned this weekend

Hello, everyone! How was your weekend?

Mine was interesting! Wednesday night I arrived at my cousin’s house. Starting on Thursday and ending Monday (with a brief break in between while a family friend relieved me), I watched her three sons and dog while her and her husband went on a well-deserved vacation (that’s their dog pictured below excitedly awaiting the boys’ return from school). While I of course had fun, it was definitely a learning experience. Here’s what I discovered while hanging with three boys ranging from kindergarten to fourth grade:



  • Catch is the best game ever. Inside, outside, basketball, bouncy ball, tennis ball – anything!
  • If you aren’t playing catch, then you should be playing basketball with the mini hoop in the basement, kickball in the driveway, or touch football on the lawn while mocking your 22-year-old babysitter for not understanding all the terms you are using.
  • Macaroni and cheese is the best dinner option, while oatmeal with dinosaur eggs is the best breakfast choice.
  • Beverly Hills Chihuahua 2 is an optimal movie selection.
  • When you go to McDonald’s and ask a six-year-old what he wants, and he says a cheeseburger, you should ask what he wants on the cheeseburger. Otherwise McDonald’s will put cheese, onions, pickles, and ketchup on it, and while you are driving home you will keep hearing exclamations from the backseat as each unwanted addition is discovered (good news though: the dog likes any sort of cheeseburger).
  • If you spend Friday night all piled into the biggest bed watching baseball together, all three boys will fall asleep and you will be left to find a new bed in which to sleep.
  • Also, if you attempt to cuddle with a 100+ pound white German shepherd the same way you cuddle with a 40 pound beagle-mix, you might just end up with a bloody nose at 1AM. This will also scare the dog, who will run away and sleep under the bed the three boys took over and you will be completely left on your lonesome.
  • You become much more patient and sociable in the morning once you have had some coffee (all right, so I already knew that, but it was adamantly confirmed).
  • Adele’s music is the perfect thing to sing along to on car rides.
  • You should have way more than 11 games on your iPhone.

P.S. I have a new appreciation for the show Home Improvement.



weekly gems





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